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Debt Defense & Consumer Protection


Debt Defense & Consumer Protection

Bad things can happen to good people, and financial hardships are often the unintended consequences. We understand firsthand how easy it is for debt to spiral out of control for even the most financially responsible, so we believe in providing compassionate and effective representation without judgment. Our personalized approach offers our clients immediate relief against aggressive collection activities and an opportunity to get back on track under terms you can afford.

We provide comprehensive representation for consumers facing collections and harassment by creditors, including:


Defending against lawsuits initiated by creditors in small claims and civil court


Helping clients avoid wage or bank account garnishment and removal of property liens


Stopping illegal collection activity and correcting credit reporting errors


Litigating violations by creditors and collection agencies under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act

Our in-depth knowledge of debt defense and industry experience allows us to end creditor harassment and achieve favorable settlements for our clients on a daily basis. We successfully settle consumer debts for a fraction of their existing balance, without interest, and over a manageable payment period that takes into account our clients’ individual financial circumstances. Our proven approach consistently yields successful results for consumers against every major lender in the country.

We also zealously defend consumers against abusive collection practices and creditor harassment. Our team acts fast to ensure all state and federal collection law is followed, illegal garnishments/seizures stopped, reporting issues corrected, and overpayments refunded, with minimal disruption to your life. Oftentimes, all it takes to get a creditor to resolve the issue  is our involvement. When appropriate, we file and prosecute claims for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Act.

We are a proud supporter of the National Consumer Law Center.

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