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Emerging Markets

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Emerging Markets

The emerging hemp and cannabis industries are rapidly changing and growing at an unprecedented rate. The laws and regulations are also evolving, with many unique legal and business challenges arising daily. We closely monitor industry trends and legislative developments to provide the most up-to-date legal expertise to our clients. We understand the complicated and often inconsistent federal, state, and local regulatory structures of these emerging industries. Although the interplay can be confusing, we help clients navigate the laws and regulations responsibly, ethically and efficiently so they can focus on building their business.

In addition to all traditional business-advising services, we provide a wide range of consulting services specific to the emerging hemp and cannabis markets:

  • Navigating the state’s licensing process and regulatory structure for industrial hemp, CBD, and ancillary business, including ensuring environmental compliance
  • Drafting applications and obtaining competitive industry permits, including advocating for clients at public meetings, hearings, and before licensing boards
  • Structuring deals between business-owners and investors ensuring compliance with state and federal securities laws
  • Establishing positive relations with community leaders and government entities
  • Helping clients understand the complex tax rules that affect the industries, including IRS Code 280E
  • Advising and counseling clients how to reduce liability regarding legal issues that arise under conflicting federal and state laws
  • Consulting on banking, security, business model development, succession planning, and ancillary businesses

As co-founder of Herbal Law, a nationwide legal consulting firm, exclusively serving the cannabis and hemp industries, Ms. Banse is at the forefront of these emerging industries in Wisconsin and beyond. She is a trusted advisor to the public sector, helping government entities grapple with responsible regulations that safeguard both public safety and business enterprise. As the first member of the National Cannabis Bar Association in Wisconsin, she is trailblazing these uncharted territories, using her business expertise and legal skills to bring investors, producers, and entrepreneurs to Wisconsin. With her trusted reputation, Ms. Banse is positioned to take the lead on the growing cannabis and hemp industries in the Midwest.

Possessing, using, distributing and/or selling marijuana remains both a federal and state crime in Wisconsin, and no legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating state or federal law. 

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