Banse Law

Freelance Legal Support

Lending my legal research and writing skills to other attorneys to make their lives easier

We all know that high-quality legal research and writing are essential to any successful law practice, especially litigation. But let’s face it: most attorneys dread the task. You didn’t become a litigator to spend your day behind a computer screen. Your time is better spent in court with your clients, getting them the justice they deserve.

During my career as a government litigator and five years juggling the demands of a busy litigation practice at my firm, I gladly used freelance attorneys to lighten the load when needed. I also realized that my true passion lies in legal research and writing and decided to walk away from front-line litigation. I provide the following services to other licensed attorneys around the country:

  • Drafting, formatting, and editing pleadings, briefs, petitions, motions, and various transactional documents. 
  • Writing legal content for websites, blogs, and marketing materials.
  • Reviewing, editing, and cite-checking technical legal materials, manuscripts, and academic publications.
  • Creating, producing, and delivering informational presentations and workshops, in-person and online.
  • Writing and research related to case strategy, hearing preparation, and behind-the-scenes support.

Outsourcing your legal research and writing projects just makes sense. With a trusted and reliable legal writer on your team, you’ll reclaim valuable time to devote to the areas of practice you excel at and enjoy, without the cost or commitment of hiring a high-caliber attorney full-time.

These services are only available to other licensed attorneys and law firms, not the general public or self-represented (pro se) individuals.