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Banse Law Group

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Experienced. Effective. Efficient.
We specialize in business law, real estate, and emerging industries.

Client Reviews

I went to Crystal to complete a real estate transaction and was very happy with the service I received. She made sure I understood the sale, and put my mind at ease. I highly recommend Banse Law Group.

Real Estate Investor

I can't say enough about Crystal! As a business owner, it is crucial to have an attorney that not only works for you and your best interest but also explains things in a way you can understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring an attorney for business!

Small Business Client

I retained Crystal to represent me in a shareholder dispute. She was incredibly professional, showed a commanding knowledge of the facts and laws, and tenaciously pursued my interests. Crystal is nothing short of an impressive advocate for her clients. I had peace of mind knowing she was on my team, and I highly recommend her for anyone in need of legal assistance.


Our Association hired Crystal to help us collect over $10,000 in overdue HOA fees. Crystal managed each case professionally, and in a short time, all collections were settled without resorting to litigation. She was very fair as she worked with us and also strong and firm legally, as owner concerns arose. We were pleased with the outcome. Crystal has been fantastic to work with.

Homeowners Association Board President

About Banse Law Group

Banse Law Group's mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective consulting services to entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses of all sizes. We establish meaningful relationships with our clients by taking the time to learn about their objectives and tailor our services according to each client's specific needs to help them meet and exceed their goals. Our reputation for trustworthy, responsive, and experienced business counsel is unmatched.